966 Keisha Grey

967 Foxy Di

968 Gianna Nicole

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Scene 1

The Bare Bottom Fox. ITC Favorite 21:58

Foxy’s full lingerie outfit stays on for a long time and yet it is completely explicit virtually all the way through with no panties on and plenty of upskirt views and bare pussy and ass ogling with the negligee pulled up. She has surely one of the most beautiful undersides packed into her tight little body. Everything is small and tight and curvy with flawless skin and with frequent close up views showing her pussy and ass perfection. Her poses lying on her front with her legs wide open are especially nice with some very explicit views up her ass while she holds her privates open. She ends up on her back with her legs wide open in the last couple of minutes displaying another very revealing view of her pretty privates.

A Pretty See Di Place. ITC Favorite 13:41

Foxy immediately pulls off her negligee and the first view of her fully nude figure is quite stunning. You will surely be captivated by her tight nubile little body in the full body views. She remains standing as we move down under her ass to admire the gorgeous backside with some ass fondling and spreading enhancing the view. Later she moves onto the bed and does some beautiful bend over posing and spread leg poses while lying on her front. We soak in her ass for quite a while with some subtle butt squirming enhancing the view. There’s a really nice close up view right in her ass crack admiring her anus in detail.

Twiddly Di. 7:13

You probably wont be sold on any genuine passion in this finger masturbation scene, however it is all very pretty with Foxy lying on her back with her legs wide open lightly rubbing her pussy. She soon lifts her ass up off the surface of the bed in a crab walk position letting her pretty underside hover in mid air while she continues rubbing her pussy. In the second half she turns onto her front with her legs wide open giving you the view straight up her ass while she rubs her pussy and squirms her ass around. There is probably no real orgasm involved but it is all super pretty with her immaculate pussy and ass really well exposed.

Twiddly Bum. ITC Favorite 13:29

This anal scene starts out with some very sexy finger insertion while she lies on her side with her ass well spread and beautifully showing off all of her feminine assets. She then progresses to a large rubber toy with a big ball on the end of it. She lightly pumps the toy up her ass while rubbing her pussy with the other hand. After a more vigorous climax to the action she returns to just fingering her ass hole and she even licks her fingers straight out of her ass.