967 Foxy Di

968 Gianna Nicole

969 Denise Sky

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

A Thong by the Buttholes. 11:45

Gianna’s well toned muscular figure is quite apparent right from the beginning as she stands in the doorway wearing her purple bra and panty set. Her butt spreading is really quite revealing with only the slimmest of thong strings in the depths of her ass crack. She soon moves onto the bed where she teases with some excellent bend over poses and backward squatting in your face. Her pose lying on her side is also especially nice with beautiful curves around her spread ass and the thin thong string failing to hide much at all.

You Knotty Girl. 8:56

This clip is all bare pussy and ass ogling with Gianna now completely naked and thrusting her pussy and ass in your face in several positions. She has a small additional flap of skin on her butt hole which may be either an interesting curiosity or a distraction for some depending on your perspective.

Twat you Strokin? 8:48

Gianna’s pussy rubbing session is somewhat moderate in action though giving some excellent views up her pussy and ass, especially in the bend over position.

Short Spread Cookie. 2:06

This clip may be brief but it provides the best spread pussy view with a decent close up of her pussy being held wide open and with the fingers well enough back to not obscure any of the view.

Jack Nicole Ass. 14:24

This anal scene prominently features a blue rubber butt plug that is used for quite a long time while on the bed and while standing and even while walking around outdoors. She seems surprised that she gets the plug all the way up her ass to sit inside with no hands and only the handle on the outside. There’s some really nice bend over posing with butt plug buried up her ass showing only the handle sticking out. There follows a short interlude outdoors with Gianna just walking around with the butt plug still in her ass before she returns to the bed to finish the scene.