Complaints Policy

We take all matters involving content integrity very seriously. The following information outlines how we go about handling your reports. This sets out our Complaints Policy, which you agree to be bound by as a user of the ITC Media Inc. Website

This Complaints Policy is inclusive of and in addition to our standard Policies & Rules, to which you are also bound as a user of the ITC Media Inc. Website Please note, you do not need to be a user of the ITC Media Inc. Website in order to submit a complaint, any concerned party may submit a properly formatted and substantive complaint as discussed below.

When you submit a properly initiated and substantive complaint, it will be resolved within seven business days of our receipt of the complaint. Here “business days” are defined as any day which is not a Saturday, Sunday, or public holiday in the United States.

How to make a Complaint

If you wish to make a complaint about content appearing on you may submit a report to - though please only submit one such report per instance in order for us to best process your issue. When submitting such a report, please include at minimum the following information:

Note: Do not submit more than one report per issue or occurrence. Multiple reports will complicate our efforts to properly research the matter and will not speed up our investigation and response.

Once we receive a complaint which includes all necessary information as detailed above or by the nature of the complaint, we will respond to the report within seven business days. We have a rigorous process in which a dedicated team reviews the reports which receive, this is discussed below.

How we handle Complaints

The manner in which we handle a complaint is directly dependent on the nature of the report we receive in addition to the amount of information was provided in that report. In general, where a report provides the necessary information for us to properly investigate the matter we shall proceed as follows:

Unjust or Abusive Complaints

Please note, that all information contained on this page is subject to a good faith standard, both on our part and yours. All individuals, regardless of status as a user of the ITC Media Inc. Website, agree by submitting a report that they do so under good faith. This is a legally enforceable promise on your part. “Good faith” implies that you will not submit any complaint which you know to be unjustified, abusive, fraudulent, inaccurate, or otherwise made in bad faith. Repeatedly submitting reports based on the same issue or occurrence is a violation of the requirements of this Complaint Policy and may also be interpreted as acting in bad faith. If we, at our sole discretion, determine that you or an entity acting on your behalf have breached this policy by acting in bad faith, we may suspend or terminate any associated user accounts as well as seek full action against you to the extent allowed by law.