965 Carol Luna

966 Keisha Grey

967 Foxy Di

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

It's the Grey Tits Feeling. 13:46

Aside from a quick look at her white shorts this clip focuses heavily on Keisha’s top end with her impressive boobs taking center stage. There’s a nice tease with her tits virtually spilling out of her low zipped top. Then with her boobs completely out of her top she fondles them and does a beautiful little jiggle with hands free side to side motion.

Keisha my Ass. 14:14

The focus turns to Keisha’s ass first with a brief shorts tease and then with the panties on and finally fully nude. More than half of this clip is all nude footage giving you plenty of time to admire the bare feminine bits. Her squatting pose shows off some lovely curves in the side profile and we of course get the revealing perspective from underneath. The scene has some excellent up the butt views while she lies on her front with her legs wide open. She ends up lying on her back with her pussy lips spread open.

By a Buzz Stick it. 6:31

Keisha’s vibrator masturbation scene starts out with a bend over pose but she soon turns onto her back to buzz herself to an orgasm. Though much of this has not a lot of action with the toy jammed hard against her clit there is some visible muscle contraction with her obviously real orgasm.

Plug and Play. 6:30

Keisha uses a series of rubber butt plugs in her ass with each one getting progressively larger. The pose lying on her side reveals her ass very nicely and gives a good close up view of her anus when the toy comes out. With the last butt plug she moves to a doggy style pose an wags her ass around in the air with just the handle sticking out of her ass. At the end she walks out of the room with the butt plug still up her ass.