964 Holly Anderson

965 Carol Luna

966 Keisha Grey

Shoot Location: Palm Springs, California

Scene 1

An Enchanting Carol. 7:53

There’s plenty of focus on panties in this strip tease video with Carol’s curvy underside filling out the satin and lace undies very nicely.

The Luna Landscape. ITC Favorite 18:16

With Carol now fully naked we spend a good long time exploring her bare feminine assets. There’s a good mix of elegant poses with her curvy figure well displayed and explicit close up views getting you right up in her pussy and ass. She strikes some very enticing poses throughout much of this combined with excellent eye contact to enhance her alluring charms. Later on she spends some time lying on her front with her legs open giving you a close up view up her ass. She also squats backwards with her ass sitting almost in your face offering a great low angle view up her private parts. The slow undulating squirming motion in this position is quite intoxicating. The clip culminates with an amazing splits position with her legs spread super wide side to side making her ass curves bulge quite prominently.

What a Buzz Kill. ITC Favorite 11:11

Carol’s sex toy unfortunately had a mechanical malfunction in this masturbation scene eventually dying at the worst possible moment and needing to be replaced. Amazingly the scene hardly suffers at all with lots of excellent quality footage throughout. While the toy works she quickly comes to a squirting orgasm. The replacement toy doesn’t make her squirt but the footage is still excellent with beautiful views of her pussy and ass hanging out in mid air off the edge of the bench. The small size of the replacement toy reveals her clitoris often sticking out under the toy. Though she doesn’t squirt again you can clearly see her wetness glistening in the depths of her pussy slit and there’s some quite obvious muscle contractions as she reaches her climax.

Booty Dabble. 6:16

There’s some pretty sexy ass play in this video with multiple fingers digging up her ass in revealing positions lying on her side and front. We get some beautiful close up views right in her ass crack with pretty red fingernails dabbling between glistening wet ass cheeks.