963 Aidra Fox

964 Holly Anderson

965 Carol Luna

Shoot Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Scene 1

Tits 'n Hose. 20:17

There’s plenty of pantyhose tease at the beginning of this video, although the attention soon turns to Holly’s beautiful boobs as soon as she pops them out of the top of her dress. She has a very nice natural jiggle in her boobs that is beautifully displayed as she flicks her hands over her boobs. Later she removes the dress completely and the attention is once again on her pantyhose with the feminine bits clearly showing through the transparent material. Towards the end you see her sitting backwards on the chair wearing only her pantyhose and heels.

Holly Sit. 8:02

Holly’s pantyhose come off right away allowing for some very revealing spread ass views. The best part of this clip has Holly sitting backwards on the chair once again with some great angles to show off her side profile and of course the naughty view from directly underneath looking up her ass.

Kitchen Yellow Fever. ITC Favorite 7:14

Holly’s finger masturbation session starts with her sitting on the chair but she soon moves to an unusual and interesting position with her ass hovering in mid air. The pose is not entirely made for comfort but it gives a pretty spectacular view straight up her entire undercarriage as she vigorously rubs her pussy to beautiful squirming climax.

Anderson Snooper. 4:15

Holly’s speculum scene has both sitting and bend over positions with some nicely lit interior views showing the gooey glistening vaginal walls in detail. The close up inside footage of this video is not at 4k resolution.