958 Alexis Brill

959 Suzie Carina

960 Lauren Crist

Shoot Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Scene 1

Turning Flirty. 9:00

The slim mirror plays a small part in this tease video with Suzie’s face and profile visible in the mirror while her curvy ass wags in your face. She soon moves onto the bed showing off the well seasoned poses of a veteran model. There is no bottomless nudity yet in this clip.

You can Bed on it. 11:21

Suzie’s panties come down and we engage in a long examination of her beautiful bare pussy and ass with plenty of shapely and revealing poses along the way. Her rather large rear end curves are prominent in many of her poses while the private parts are equally well exposed. She starts rubbing her pussy around the half way mark of this clip and eventually becomes quite aroused with the clit fiddling and rubbing leading to some very nice squirmy twitching action.

Carina out of Control. 3:44

Now lying on her back Suzie uses a colorful glass dildo in her pussy. Moderate insertion action soon gives way to a frantic climax with her body quivering as she cums. It’s quite brief but fairly intense.

Orifice Depot. 2:26

Suzie uses two fingers from each hand to pry her vagina wide open. She gets a pretty decent gape although the inside is mostly just a dark cavern.

The Lower Muddle Glass. 6:26

Suzie now uses a smaller glass dildo in her ass with positions lying on her side, bending over and lying on her front. With the addition of her hand rubbing her pussy at the same time she once again brings the action to a fantastic climax with lots of quivering and squirming around as she cums.

Show me Round. 6:17

This postlude clip returns to more elegant posing with special attention to her lovely rear end. She stands in front of the mirror once again giving a great view of her ass in the foreground while her face is seen in the background in the mirror. There’s plenty of sexy ass fondling and spreading and bouncing. She ends up on the bed lying on her front with her butt jiggling and bouncing around in your face.