959 Suzie Carina

960 Lauren Crist

961 Candice Luca

Shoot Location: Zakynthos, Greece

Scene 1

Lauren Behold. 16:20

New model Lauren is certainly one of the most elegant of posers exuding the confidence and grace of a top quality model. Her silky panties play a prominent role in the teasing with a very nice fit around her beautiful curves. She momentarily pulls them up tight into her pussy giving a little glimpse of the goods underneath and then pulls them out of her ass crack revealing her ass hole for a short while. Then with her bra off we get some very nice views of her lovely boobs while she leans forward letting them dangle. Towards the end she pulls her panties down under her ass revealing a decent ass crack view as she lies on her front.

The Nude Testament. 8:40

With Lauren now fully nude we take our time to admire the bare feminine flesh from a few different angles and positions. There’s a substantial segment of up the ass views with Lauren lying on her front with her legs wide open.

Crist is Cumming. 5:36

Lauren remains lying on her front giving you a great between the legs view as she begins rubbing her pussy and squirming her ass in your face. She later turns onto her back and becomes a little more excited with the pussy rubbing leading to a climax in the action.

Juices Crist. 9:04

With the addition of a vibrating toy the action becomes somewhat more juicy with lots of nice insertion action and several little streams of pussy juice when the toy comes out of her pussy. In the latter half she hangs her ass off the edge of the bed giving a great view up her ass throughout all the action. The squirming motion is particularly nice as she fucks her pussy to a climax. The clip winds down with a nice spread ass view with her butt crack still glistening with pussy juice.

Proceed with Cushion. 6:42

Lauren has a somewhat playful moment with a cushion wedged between her legs. Between humping it and just rubbing it against her pussy the cushion surely picks up the scent of her privates. You may be wishing you were in it’s place. The scene ends with Lauren hiding behind the curtain of the bed with only her legs and ass showing on the outside.