957 Whitney Conroy

958 Alexis Brill

959 Suzie Carina

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Scene 1

Palace Poser. 17:01

Alexis poses in the rich ornamental environment of a what looks like an old world palace wearing a very short dress that hardly covers her ass. She spends much of the time standing near some large mirrors allowing you to see her front and back simultaneously. She does some teasing with the panties while on her knees on the chair and the ends up rolling around on the rug gradually removing her panties.

Brillo Pad. 22:56

This clip is all nude posing, first with Alexis lying on the rug in various positions and later standing and on her knees on the chair. She has a beautiful ass and it’s very nicely displayed in many of our favourite positions at a very relaxed pace giving you plenty of time to admire the feminine bits. She does some very nice butt spreading in the last few minutes with a good amount of sexy slapping and butt jiggles.

Alexis with a Stick Shift. 8:54

Alexis gets down on the floor once again and uses a clear rubber dildo in her pussy. A good portion of the action comes with Alexis squatting with her ass hovering in mid air. The position gives a fantastic view of her ass while she pumps the toy in her pussy.