953 Vicki Chase

954 Blanche Bradburry

955 Lexa

Shoot Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Scene 1

It's Pink 'n Hot Today. 10:15

Blanche’s hot pink dress hugs her curves incredibly well with her short hemline offering a teasing glimpse of her panties in the sitting position. Later with the dress gone you can see that the front of her panties is a little bit see through giving a hint of her pussy showing through.

Chair Full Dis Position. 10:09

Her panties come off at the beginning of this clip and we then spend the rest of this clip admiring her amazing figure with several very shapely poses sitting on the chair. There’s a very naughty underside view looking at her pussy through the plastic of the chair. She then turns around to sit backwards on the chair displaying the beautiful curves of her back and ass with an enhanced heart shape around her big butt. We also go underneath to gaze up her bare ass from below with her butt hovering out in mid air.

I Cunt White to Cum. 8:28

Blanche uses a vibrating white dildo in this masturbation video and shows some nice open vagina views every time the toy comes out of her pussy. The scene starts with some slow in and out with lots of creamy juice clearly visible inside her vagina when the toy comes out. Later she speeds it up with plenty of pussy pumping action eventually producing a little stream of juice when she takes the toy out at the end.

Spread the Bradburry Jam. 4:22

This is entirely all pussy spreading with lots of wetness in her freshly fucked vagina. She gets two fingers inside her vagina to pry it open only inches in front of your face.

A Floor Assed Arrangement. 6:03

Blanche gets down on the floor to show off her ass with positions bending over and lying on her front. We move right in close to get a detailed look at her ass crack while she fondles her ass cheeks.

The Blanche is Open. 5:58

Blanche poses in the chair with her vagina pried open with a speculum giving you a detailed look straight up her vagina. She poses briefly on her side before moving to the doggy style pose. The lighting doesn’t always hit the right spots but the position is especially nice with her nice round ass in the air and her vagina gaping wide open.