954 Blanche Bradburry

955 Lexa

956 Amirah Adara

Shoot Location: Zakynthos, Greece

Scene 1

Ladder Day Saint. 14:13

Top model Lexa makes her long awaited return to ITC wearing a super revealing dress with holes all down the side of it and with her ass virtually hanging out the bottom of it. Few girls could make such a sleazy dress look so sexy. You know real soon that there’s no panties on underneath the dress as it gradually rides up right over her ass with only her natural motion. Though it is a strip tease of sorts there’s no shortage of nudity and bare pussy and ass views here. After some virtually nude standing poses she pulls the dress down again and gets on the deck chair lying on her front teasing with her ass hanging out the bottom of the dress. The ass is so prominent and beautiful that it is completely unavoidable and demands our undivided attention for long periods of time. Once again the dress ends up drifting well over her ass giving lots of bare pussy and ass views.

A Raven Booty. 10:46

Lexa takes the dress off and she repeats many of the same poses now fully naked. She spends some time spreading her pussy and ass while standing directly over your face. The full body views are quite stunning with her amazing figure framed against a blue sky background. She gets on the chair once again and does a great bend over pose giving a wonderful view up her ass while straddling two chairs. She ends up squatting front side with her butt squirming around in mid air giving a beautiful view of her shapely underside.

Black Dabbler. 6:40

Lexa leans back on the chair with her ass hanging partially off the edge of the chair as she uses a black vibrator on her pussy. She later slides her ass all the way off the chair showing some really beautiful butt squirming motion as the action heats up.

Stilted Lover. 8:08

Lexa does a slow sexy walk beside the pool both with the dress on and then fully naked. Her high heels are really tall, bordering on too high to walk in but she still does an admirable job of walking around in them, though somewhat cautiously. Once again her dress naturally rides up over her ass over time due to her motion. You see her walking back and forth many times in the full body view with a sexy smile on her face.

Jacuzzi Cheeks. 4:38

There’s a quick dip in the jacuzzi to end the video showing off some wet skin and a few excellent bend over butt views.

Beer Break. 0:33

This is just a brief behind the scene outtake with Lexa taking a quick beer break. There's a few off camera film crew voices engaged in casual chat with Lexa.