952 Venus Arias

953 Vicki Chase

954 Blanche Bradburry

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

Air we go. 13:36

Vicki’s strip tease is that of a seasoned professional with white shorts and gold top peeling off to reveal her nice natural tits and beige panties. Her best assets a nicely displayed when she gets down in her front jacking her ass up in your face with just the slim panty back hiding the bare minimum. She then pulls her panties down just under her ass revealing one of the prettiest ass cracks in the business. This scene is shot in a wide open living room next to the sea so the audio is dominated by the sounds of wind and waves and a bit of distant construction.

The Fine Ass de Partment. ITC Favorite 8:55

With Vicki now completely nude we go about the business of inspecting the silkiest smooth ass and pussy with lots of fantastic revealing poses. She starts lying back in the chair with her knees pulled up to her chest showing a beautiful curvy ass bulging prominently in the foreground. In the second half we go directly under her ass as she squats backwards in the edge of the chair. You get a beautiful view straight up her ass with some excellent pussy and ass spreading and some very entertaining anus winking. Her ass fondling is quite intense with lots of strong spreading, slapping and bouncing producing a scene that is both explicit and highly entertaining.

Shovey Chase. ITC Favorite 12:18

Vicki uses a decent sized dildo to fully fuck her ass and her positioning couldn’t be better with all the pretty assets nicely exposed. After starting lying on her side she moves to a bend over pose and we get a close up view as she fingers her anus. She soon starts dildoing her ass again with her beautiful curves up in the air. She then does a nice little butt wobble with the toy sticking out of her ass hands free. At the end she does some rather explicit anus spreading with her finger virtually right in her ass hole to gape it open.

Gimme a Hand back here. 6:17

Vicki is surely one of the best anal performers as is clearly demonstrated here. With lots of lube she manages to get her hand virtually all the way up her ass including the thumb and the last knuckles. Not only does she get her hand up her ass but she also fucks herself with it. Later with her hand out of her ass she does some sexy anus winking while spreading the butt cheeks apart. At the end we follow her wiggling ass as she walk away out of the room.