949 Naomi Nevena

950 Ria Rodriguez

951 Megan Salinas

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

A Hot Sticky Miss. 13:57

Ria soon becomes all sweaty in this strip tease in the hot and humid environment of the tropics. She starts out humping the railing and then shows off her tight bikini bottom while lying on her deckchair. You’ll love the way she pulls her bikini bottom just under her ass and uses it to bounce her cheeks on a shelf. The last several minutes of this clip are all nude posing with an excellent bend over pose and some very sexy action on top of the railing. You get a great view from underneath as she sits her bare ass on the railing and slides her ass off of it. She even straddles the railing and slides her pussy along it. The lighting is especially nice here with reflected light shimmering off beads of sweat on her back.

Ice Melt something Nice. 9:43

The heat and humidity were a bit much here so it was only natural to cool off with cubes of ice dripping all down her body. She does a beautiful bend over pose with melted ice running all over her ass and through her ass crack. While lying on her back she runs the ice cubes all over her pussy and then later turns to lie on her front with several ice cubes melting in her ass crack. You’ll love how she jiggles her big ass cheeks to make the ice slide down her ass crack with no hands involved.

Fry a Yellow Ribbin’. 8:44

Ria’s ribbed yellow toy gets used mostly just as a prop at first as she does a great bend over pose with the toy sticking out of her pussy hands free. She then lies back on the chair and starts pumping her pussy with the toy. We get some beautiful close up pussy views with the toy working inside and outside her pussy. At the end there’s an awesome pussy spread with excellent light illuminating her vagina and creamy pussy juice slithering around between all the folds of her vagina.

A Booty Pool Ending. 6:26

Ria’s video ends with a sexy dip in the pool. Her amazing ass cheeks are beautifully displayed floating in the waterline as she repeatedly dips her ass in and out of the water. Then standing we get a great ass shot with water dripping and beading over her ass cheeks. In the latter half she poses sitting on the infinity wall on the far side of the pool. The video ends with Ria swimming away with her ass cheeks well out of the water and wiggling rigorously as she propels herself across the pool.