950 Ria Rodriguez

951 Megan Salinas

952 Venus Arias

Shoot Location: Palm Springs, California

Scene 1

Hair's what we're Raven about. 9:46

Megan is all boobs and hair with her impressive boobs virtually spilling out of her dress and her long luxurious mane of hair cascading down almost to her butt. There are some nice up skirt and panty shots although we tend to fixate equally as much on her impressive assets from the waste up at the beginning of this clip. Later on she pulls her panties down just under her ass and does a nice bend over pose on the chair showing her bare pussy and ass.

Look up the Latest Nudes. 6:17

With the panties now gone Megan leans back in the chair and spreads her pussy wide open for a very graphic inspection of her private parts. Just two minutes in she turns around to pose on her knees bending over and squatting in your face and she stays there for the remainder of this clip giving you a naughty low angle view up her ass.

I Like D’s. ITC Favorite 7:34

This clip is dedicated entirely to the fanatical worship of some of the most beautiful boobs we have ever shot. We get many interesting angles on her boobs with lots of very teasing jiggles and bounces. There’s a substantial segment of bend over posing with her boobs dangling free and wobbling back and forth as she runs her hands over them. You will surely be convinced that her flawless boobs could not possibly be any more perfect with ideal shape and a nice full yet firm jiggle.

As Gob is my Wetness. 13:33

Megan frequently uses gobs of spit to moisten up her pussy during this masturbation scene. She mostly just jams the big vibrator against her clitoris trying for a genuine orgasm. It takes her quite a long time to reach a climax as the toy may have even been too strong, though the orgasm does eventually come near the end.

I Gotta Dink Clearly. 5:56

For those more interested in the good old penetration dildo fucking action Megan uses a clear rubber dildo to fuck herself. She gets quite noisy towards the climax of this clip pumping herself enthusiastically while a little puddle of pussy juice gathers and runs down her taint to her ass hole.