948 April Blue

949 Naomi Nevena

950 Ria Rodriguez

Shoot Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Scene 1

This Wool be Good. 11:54

The first thing you may notice with Naomi is her very engaging smile and of course the beautifully fitting knitted dress that barely covers her ass. The butt tease is amazing with her dress lifting up over her cheeks to reveal very shapely ass with beautiful white lace panties wrapping nicely around her curvy bottom while still revealing plenty of bare ass cheek. She certainly moves quite slowly giving you a clear view of everything as she progresses through several poses and eventually takes the dress off at the end of this clip.

Between a Rock and a Hard Lace. 6:42

With the dress now gone Naomi gets on the bed in poses bending over and lying on her front letting you move in to inspect her lovely panties with all of her ass curves bulging out. You get a nice little panty tease and then she pulls down her panties while lying on her front giving you a quick introduction to her bare ass crack to finish the clip.

You Barely Naomi. 6:33

Now completely naked Naomi lets you move in close to admire her bare pussy and ass crack while slowly moving around on the bed. There a brief segment with Naomi squatting backwards on top of your face showing a very revealing view straight up her spread pussy and ass.

Vanilla Extract. 10:32

Naomi uses a white dildo in this masturbation scene doing some nice deep penetration action. You may like the way she slowly wags her ass around in the air with the dildo sticking out of her pussy hands free. In the latter half she puts her feet on the floor with her ass hanging off the edge of the bed giving a nice view of the ass cheeks while she continues fucking herself. There’s a nice little stream of pussy juice that flows out of her vagina and drips off her ass checks when she takes the toy out of her pussy. The climax comes with Naomi rubbing the toy on the outside of her pussy stimulation her clitoris along with plenty of frantic breathing and quivering.

Pick Tails. 5:09

Naomi has a quick ass fondling session with one finger dabbling up her ass hole. Her pose lying on her front with one leg forward is quite revealing getting her ass out in the open. She spends just as much time just spreading her ass giving you a clear view of her anus with some occasional butt hole winking.