947 Breanne Benson

948 April Blue

949 Naomi Nevena

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

How Nice of View. 10:45

You might actually be ogling the background as much as the girl in this video where a beautiful infinity pool overlooks the Puerto Vallarta coastline. Aprils strip tease is perhaps not so polished but there is a certain undeniable charm about her. You will be admiring her incredible figure in the full body front side views. The latter half of this clip is all nude posing with lots of moving around and some quite revealing bend over poses.

April Pools Day. 16:31

This pool scene remains quite softcore although revealing plenty of bend over and ass up poses as she moves around in the pool. She stays in the shallow section of the pool for quite some time frequently floating her butt in the waterline and often posing doggy style with her ass just out of the water. She later moves to the far edge of the pool and gets right up on the infinity edge posing against the scenic background. She spends much of this time bending right over the edge of the pool with her bare ass up in the air.

Hot 'n Bothered. 7:00

April now relaxes in the deckchair beside the pool and engages in a little bit of pussy rubbing. We don’t believe there’s any actual orgasm involved in this scene but she gets quite busy apparently enjoying herself nonetheless.