946 Jamie Jackson

947 Breanne Benson

948 April Blue

Shoot Location: Tulum, Mexico

Scene 1

Resort to the Bay Sex. 13:23

Breanne is looking more exotic than ever with her perfect hair and make up in a setting that looks like a tropical resort. The thatched roof hut and palm trees give the scene a very special background with excellent lighting accentuating the beauty of her features. Her strip tease is expertly done including a nice little bit of boob fondling before she gets completely nude. The low angle views in the second half are quite exquisite with beautiful light filling her nether regions against a palm trees and blue sky background.

Sun Things Happening. 12:31

With Breanne now sitting in the chair the focus gradually turns to pussy fiddling and light finger masturbation. Her pose turned onto her side is very revealing with her legs slightly open and her ass out in the open displaying her spread pussy and ass beautifully. She then opens her legs much wider while still partially on her side showing her face in the background as she dabble saliva in her nicely lit pussy and starts rubbing it. There’s a really nice dribble of pussy juice that runs out of her vagina and down her ass cheek as she picks up the pace rubbing her pussy more enthusiastically.

She's got the Bright Stuff. 11:06

The masturbation continues now with a purple dildo penetrating her pussy slowly at first and then gradually picking up a little bit. Her pose leaning back with her knees up to her chest is especially curvy with her super round ass bulging prominently in the foreground. In the larger portion of this clip she puts her feet right on the floor with her ass hanging in mid air while she fucks herself. Once again there’s some nice little streams of pussy juice flowing out of her vagina and down over her ass cheeks through much of this.

Wet an Ending. 3:53

Breanne cleans up at the end of this scene in an outdoor shower. It is mostly just a quick rinse with some elegant posing before she walks away to end the video.