945 Adriana Brill

946 Jamie Jackson

947 Breanne Benson

Shoot Location: Palm Springs, California

Scene 1

Gash Pries. ITC Favorite 13:45

Jamie has some pretty voluptuous curves bursting out of her tight dress with no panties on underneath. It’s not long before she is bending over with her dress pulled up and giving you a great view straight up her bare pussy and ass. This clip includes some of the best pussy spreading with her vagina gaping wide open showing all the guts of her interior features with beautiful folds of vagina walls filling your view. She manages to do this with her hands well enough back as to not block any of the view. There’s excellent pussy gaping in both the bend over position and also lying on her back with her legs up in the air.

La Toy a Jackson. 7:36

Jamie starts her masturbation scene lying on her front with her legs open giving a very nice view up her ass while she rubs her clit against a strong vibrator. In the second half she lies on her back and continues to work the vibrator against her clitoris. It takes her quite a while to work up to it but she eventually brings the scene to a climax, though it’s not entirely clear that there’s a real orgasm in this.

Scene 2

Thanks for getting Back to me. 8:34

Jamie has quite a different look in this scene as she wears no make up and has the girl next door look. Her plaid pattern shorts feature prominently in the beginning with her butt right in front of your face showing the tight wrap of the fabric around her voluptuous ass cheeks. There’s a nice little boob jiggling segment before she gets completely naked in the last few minutes. The bend over pose at the end is really nice with her big curves thrust in your face and a little bit of butt jiggling mixed in.

She's Plain with Herself. 7:07

Jamie leans back in the chair and uses a ribbed glass dildo in her pussy. It slips into her pussy with remarkable ease and she soon gets all wet with creamy pussy juice gathering all around her vagina. She does a really good job of fucking herself with the toy pumping deep in her pussy. There’s some very nice spread ass shots to end the video after she is done with her toy.