944 Jada Stevens

945 Adriana Brill

946 Jamie Jackson

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Scene 1

Strip Polka. 15:51

Adriana has got a really nice polka dot bra and panty set and we spend a good long time admiring the beautiful butt end of her panties in standing, lying down and bend over positions. Her curves just get better and better the closer we go with her gorgeous panty butt often filling your screen completely. Her panties stay on through almost the entire clip and you might even be wishing she never takes them off because they look so good on her.

Brill Bits. 16:53

With Adriana now completely naked we take our time to just gaze upon her bare pussy and ass with some beautiful bend over and lying down positions. Her ass is really quite immaculate with not a single hair anywhere and a very shapely butt crack area. She does a really awesome pose in the crabwalk position with her ass hovering in mid air doing a nice slow squirming motion. Much of this clip is pretty slow moving giving you ample time to admire the scenery with subtle little jiggles and motions to enhance the view.

Going Under Hover. 2:56

Adriana squats backwards on the edge of the bed giving you a beautiful view straight up her ass from bellow. The butt curves are simply delicious from this angle with her knees wide open and the full ass crack and pussy well exposed for ogling.

Lumps 'n Lips. 12:16

Adriana starts her masturbation session quite slow and cautiously using a toy that has got little lumps all over it. She later turns onto her front with her legs wide open and squirms her ass up and down with her clit rubbing against the vibrating toy. She picks up some moderate momentum though it remains fairly slow and sensual with a nice clear view up her ass through it all.

Holey Gob. 5:06

Adriana’s speculum scene reveals a huge gob of thick pussy goo in the bottom of her vagina. There’s two different positions including a bend over pose with her gaping vagina up in the air.