943 Cayenne Klein

944 Jada Stevens

945 Adriana Brill

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

The audio for this set is completely dominated by the sounds of the beach and some construction from a nearby property.

Scene 1

Wander Full Figure. 8:05

Jada takes a walk beside the pool wearing an unusual one piece bathing suit with straps around her midsection. She pauses a couple of times to pose ass up on the deck chairs before getting naked and resuming the walking action. Her nude walk is especially nice with lots of wiggle rippling through her voluptuous curves.

Junk Hoarder. 5:16

With Jada now posing on the deck chair fully naked we move in close for a detailed look at her pussy and ass. Her position squatting backwards on the chair really shows off her monster curves with her big ass bulging out prominently behind her. There’s some fantastic pussy and ass spreading from behind with her ass squatting right in your face. Her pose lying flat on her front also shows off her fantastic big butt curves beautifully. Towards the end she develops a nice little puddle of pussy cream oozing out of her vagina.

Water Twerks. ITC Favorite 13:44

Jada uses a shallow shelf in the pool to show off her spectacular ass with some really nice big butt twerking while squatting, bending over and lying on her front. The shelf is the perfect depth to lie on her front with her butt cheeks floating up and down in the water. Then lying on her back she pulls her knees up to her chest showing her pussy and part of her ass floating up out of the water like an island. Near the end her pose lying on her front with her legs wide open and ass jacked up gives an amazing view straight up her super voluptuous ass crack. It’s a beautiful video if you enjoy the look of wet skin combined with really big curves.

All Dicked Out. 5:43

Now back on the deck chair Jada gets busy with a rubber dildo in both the lying down and bend over positions. There is no real orgasm here but she obviously puts on a show like there is with some enthusiastic pussy pumping action.

Dribbles in Bits. 2:05

This was supposed to be a pee scene but she had some trouble getting it to come. There’s a few little dribbles of pee and one short stream after she changes position. She has a quick dip in the pool at the end.