940 Tracy Delicious

941 Angel Piaff

942 Katia de Lys

Shoot Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Scene 1

Piaff I Love you. 15:50

It doesn’t take Angel very long at all to get her dress pulled up over her ass revealing everything with no panties on underneath. She does many different poses on the table top with almost all of this being fully nude and giving explicit views between her legs. She’s got a pretty big set of lips to ogle and a few natural imperfections around her butt and pussy area.

An Angel is Cumming. 11:27

Angel leans back in the chair and uses a big powerful plug in vibrator to bring herself to an orgasm. Her position is quite revealing with her knees pulled back high and wide. The orgasm is really obvious and genuine as you see her muscles all tense up and her anus clenching with each contraction as she cums. She keeps on going and eventually brings herself to a second orgasm. Her lips are all red and swollen by the time she is done. At the end there’s a brief close up pussy view with her hood pulled back leaving her clitoris well exposed and projecting very prominently.

The Holey Angel. 6:59

Angel is quite mobile throughout this speculum scene with quite a bit of squirming around and posing in different positions. Unlike most girls she seems to be able to move with ease while the speculum is up her pussy. She does a very nice bend over pose with her knees up on the arms of the chair. The inside view in the bend over pose is especially interesting with her cervix moving around a lot as she flexes her muscles.