939 Gulliana Alexis

940 Tracy Delicious

941 Angel Piaff

Shoot Location: Umbria, Italy

Scene 1

Castle Mauves. 11:22

Tracy’s strip tease is really very elegant with the classic corset and panty set in a genuine thousand year old castle. Her first bend over pose suggests at the great things that are to come with some great curves around her shapely bottom. She looks amazing sitting backwards on the chaise showing off the curves of her back as she unsnaps her corset. There’s a great face shot when she lies back on the chaise with stunningly beautiful eyes looking straight at you.

Set in Stone. 14:00

With Tracy now completely nude she gets down on the rug and shows off her voluptuous underside with lots of bend over posing. She follows this with a fantastic pose lying on her side with curves bulging amazingly round. In the latter half she strikes a beautiful pose sitting on her feet with a great high angle perspective admiring her backside. After viewing this you may be convinced Tracy has the roundest curves of any girl on the site.

Ooze and Ahs. ITC Favorite 14:58

Tracy’s vibrator masturbation scene starts out with some really slow dabbling but quickly produces some beautiful vaginal juices that flow out of her vagina and down through has ass crack. Before long she floats her ass off the edge of the chaise and remains there for the rest of the clip giving an amazing view up her ass squirming in mid air with pretty juices constantly flowing down through her ass crack as she rubs the vibrator on her clit and dabbles it in her vagina. The scene culminates with a beautiful orgasm with lots of quivering and engorged lips swelling around the toy jammed hard against her clitoris.

Anus what you Wanded? 7:36

Tracy uses a slim toy to dabble up her ass while lying on her side. She never really sticks it in very deep but it’s the spread ass views every time the toy comes out of her ass that are the main attraction here. You are looking at her beautiful anus with the toy out just as much if not more than with it in. The best part is the two handed ass spread near the end with amazing curves saturating the screen and her gorgeous anus really well exposed to your view.