941 Angel Piaff

942 Katia de Lys

943 Cayenne Klein

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Scene 1

Doing Double Booty. ITC Favorite 16:04

Not only do you get to ogle an amazingly voluptuous ass in hot pink lingerie but you also get to see it in double vision with Katia’s reflection showing prominently in the full length mirror. You can often see her ass from behind and from the side simultaneously with her stunning profile complimenting the view of her big booty in your face. This is also one of the rare times you get to see the girl’s face right next to her ass cheeks thanks to the reflection. Katia’s high waisted panties add an intriguing novelty and seem to enhance her curves even more. The last six minutes of this clip is all nude posing beside the mirror with similar perspectives repeated again. There’s some fantastic ass spreading in your face giving you a great view of her bare ass crack and large pussy lips. Her booty bounce is really very tight in spite of having one of the biggest asses on the site.

It's de Lys you can do. ITC Favorite 8:03

Katia poses on an ottoman while wearing only her fancy stockings and stilleto heals. We spend the entire clip just admiring her outstanding backside curves and looking straight up her ass. Her bend over pose is amazing but even this is outdone by her spectacular pose lying on her side. Feminine curves simply do not get any better than this with the roundest possible ass projecting beautifully in your face and her gorgeous ass crack and meaty pussy lips fully exposed for power ogling.

Cuban Dick Taker. ITC Favorite 11:52

There’s yet another amazing pose in this dildo masturbation scene with Katia lying on her back with her knees pulled up together to her chest. The pose really bulges her amazing ass in your face virtually filling your entire screen while you see her face in the corner of the picture. The dildo penetration is really pretty with thick meaty lips glistening wet and swallowing up the dildo with ease. Later she slides her ass of the edge of the ottoman letting it hang in mid air while she continues fucking her pussy. It’s another fantastic pose with lots of pussy and ass exposure and beautiful streams of creamy pussy juice flowing out of her pussy and down through her ass crack to drip off of her cheeks.

Hall 'n Junk Around. 11:20

We had to see Katia’s amazing curves in motion with a sexy walking video. She wears her see through sequin dress with a super revealing slit up the back. As the dress rides up a little you can actually see a hint of her ass cheeks at the top of the slit in the dress. The dress comes off half way through and she repeats her sexy walk completely nude except for the heels. She repeats her walk back and forth many times, usually viewed zoomed in from a distance but we also see a few close up ass shots following along close behind her. Parts of this clip have less than ideal lighting with dark blacks competing against bight highlights.