938 Betty

939 Gulliana Alexis

940 Tracy Delicious

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Sleazy on the Eyes. 16:22

Gulliana has got some pretty nice moves as she rolls around on the bed with lots of slow butt squirming. The poses are too numerous to mention but she is in almost constant motion all the while showing off the beautiful form of her ass and legs. Her skin is perhaps not so flawless but her curves are really nice with excellent poses showing off her fantastic form in the most revealing ways. We spend quite a long time admiring her body with the panties still on and then the last 5 minutes features all nude posing with the pussy and ass well exposed.

Drive Alexis. 17:54

This dildo masturbation scene is quite extensive with Gulliana going at it for a long time in several positions. Her bend over pose is great as she pounds the toy in her pussy from behind with her ass high in the air. She briefly wags her ass around in the air with the toy sticking out of her pussy hands free. Then lying on her front she does some beautiful humping motion with her pussy sliding up and down on the toy. She spends quite a bit of time just fucking her pussy while lying on her back with her legs spread high in the air. In the last third of this clip Gulliana hangs her ass off the edge of the bed giving a great view of her ass squirming in mid air while she enthusiastically fucks her pussy. The last couple of minutes has some really sexy ass squirming and pussy rubbing after the toy is finished.