937 Foxy Di

938 Betty

939 Gulliana Alexis

Shoot Location: Venturina, Italy

There is no masturbation in this collection as she was somewhat “out of commission” on the day, however it’s a great video if you like glistening wet skin with cascades of water flowing over feminine body parts.

Scene 1

Bathroom Betty. 8:56

This video starts with a beautiful leg tease with Betty sitting on the edge of the bathtub wearing a short floral dress. Then with the dress off we spend some time admiring her stylish pink panties from a low angle as she stands in front of you. The last couple of minutes is fully nude posing with a very nice bend over pose kneeling on the edge of the bathtub.

Douche Big 'n Low. 3:43

Betty sits on the back corner of the tub with her legs straddling the tub giving you an excellent view up her front side from low inside the tub. She uses a douche bottle to rinse out her pussy less than a foot in front of your face and then repeats it a second time while you observe the full body view from farther back.

The Hover Dame. 2:29

We get the low angle view once again from inside the tub as Betty lifts her ass of the edge of the tub and just hovers her pussy and ass directly over your face. There’s some very nice squirming motion involved with her positioning showing all of her undercarriage in the most revealing way.

Tub 'n Cheek. 8:39

Betty gets right in the tub and takes a bath in water shallow enough to reveal all of her feminine places. There’s some excellent bend over posing as she soaps up her ass and then lets streams of water flow down through her ass crack from an off camera assistant. In the last couple of minutes she lies right down on her front with her butt floating just above the waterline and once again the streams of water flow all over her ass and down her ass crack.

Sweet 'n Shower Chick 'n Fingers. 6:56

Now standing in the tub Betty uses the shower head to cascade streams of water down over her curves. We get a particularly nice ass view with her butt spread open and glistening as the water flows through her ass crack. Half way through she turns around to sit on the back corner of the tub and the uses the shower head to spay her pussy. We managed to get a pretty decent close up view of her pussy with the water flowing right over it.