931 Tracy Gold

932 Ria Rodriguez

933 Candice Luca

Shoot Location: Venturina, Italy

All of the below clips are borderline inthecrack favourites and could have been marked as such thanks in large part to Ria’s amazing ass.

Scene 1

Spill Binding Booty. 16:15

This clip may be one of the best you’ll ever see for ass cheeks spilling out of a pair of jean shorts. Her shorts are cut off really quite short and Ria has one of the biggest well tones asses ever. The crotch is skimpy enough that you can see her bright pink panties peeking out from underneath. She often tugs the shorts up at the back giving herself a wedgie with her ass cheeks completely hanging out the bottom of her shorts. Her bend over pose on all fours is quite awesome with almost everything hanging out of her shorts and big curves slowly squirming around in the air. The shorts come of with a few minutes remaining leaving some time for a very nice bend over panty tease with just a slim thong in her ass crack.

Glued to your Ass Maximus. 14:55

With Ria now fully naked we spend some time just ogling her bare ass with lots of bend over, lying on her front and squatting on your face type of poses. Her back side assets are really quite amazing with lots of voluptuous yet well toned meat on her ass creating some beautiful bumscapes in many different angles. She also gets quite a wide gaping pussy spread while squatting over your face showing her vagina with all the pink folds exposed to your view. Towards the end we venture right up her ass crack while she lies on her front and we get a detailed look at her anus with the mountainous cheeks slowly squirming around it.

Some Dink Clearly Going Down. 12:04

Ria uses a clear rubber dildo in her pussy while lying back on the bed with her legs up in the air. She spends a considerable amount of time with her knees together in the air displaying some fantastic curves around her ass while she pumps the toy in her pussy. There some nice gooey goodness seeping from her vagina and flooding her ass crack through much of this video. There’s a short lighthearted moment at the end when she cannot figure out how to turn off the vibrations on the toy.

The Good Stuff is in the Rear. 8:12

Ria’s anal scene is quite impressive as she gets the none too small rubber dildo up her ass with relative ease and pumps it deep in her ass. It starts out with just one finger lubing up her anus and dipping into her ass before she moves on to the big rubber dildo. The bend over pose is especially nice with the big toy sticking out of her ass sometimes hands free and then pumping deep in her ass. You’ll love the way her pussy juice continues to drip off of her clitoris throughout much of this scene. When she is done with the toy she does a great little booty wobble in the bend over position.