930 Marica Hase

931 Tracy Gold

932 Ria Rodriguez

Shoot Location: Venturina, Italy

Scene 1

It Frills Great. 10:22

Tracy’s skirt is so short it hides virtually nothing but just adds an interesting little frill outlining her ass in the low angle views. Her thong panties come off long before the skirt does allowing for some very revealing up skirt views. She spreads her pussy and ass while standing over your face being essentially bottomless. Her bend over pose on the chair is really nice with the frilly skirt framing her ass. She gets her knees right up on the arms of the chair while bending over and spreading the goods with one hand allowing her bare pussy and ass to dominate the view with everything out in the open.

The Golden Gape. ITC Favorite 5:52

Now leaning back in the chair with her legs spread high and wide Tracy shows off her pussy with a beautifully revealing pose. She uses two hands to spread the lips open with the hands well enough back to not block any of the view. In the latter half she turns onto her side continuing to spread the pussy with her legs partly open. The pussy spreading throughout this clip is really top notch with a gorgeous undercarriage beautifully exposed and open for viewing.

Instrument of Desire. 9:24

Tracy finally strips off the remainder of her clothes and poses fully nude except for the shoes and the ribbon around her neck. She gets onto the piano bench sitting backwards with her ass hanging out off the edge. The position beautifully shows off the arch and shape of her back in the higher angle views and of course gives and wonderfully naughty view from underneath her ass. Her slow squirming in the underside view is super sexy showing her curves in motion. Later while standing next to the piano we get a brief but more detailed look at her boobs and then we go underneath one more time to inspect her pussy and ass as she stands with one foot up on the piano.

A Ribbon Sandwich. ITC Favorite 14:52

Tracy removes the ribbon from her neck and uses it as an interesting kind of prop to decorate her body. You’ll love the way she hangs the ribbon from her nipples. Amazingly the ribbon dangles it’s full weight from her erect nipples hands free as if sitting on a shelf. She then wraps the ribbon under her pussy and ass and flosses herself with it. We get some beautiful underneath views in both the front and rear side with the ribbon flossed fully up her pussy slit and ass crack. She stands with one foot up on the piano giving a very exposed underside view as she softly slithers the ribbon back and forth over her clitoris and all over her pussy lips. The full meat of her lips is nicely displayed as she pulls the ribbon tight over her lips and flicks it from side to side across the lips. Near the end she gets on her knees on the chair and continues flossing her thick pussy lips while bending over. She gets a little bit excited towards the end though there is no orgasm involved.

A Cunt Tune Artist. 5:50

Tracy lies back on the chair with her legs spread high and wide and uses a slim toy on her pussy with clitoral stimulation and insertion. The moaning is certainly a bit contrived and overly theatrical but the pussy and ass views are quite spectacular.

In-n-out Bugger. 8:25

Tracy’s anal scene starts with just one finger dabbling in her ass before she progresses to using the same toy in her ass. Her pose lying on her side with the legs partly open is quite fantastic with her underside beautifully exposes for your viewing. The toy is a little bit awkward for her to get in and manipulate at times but we think you’ll be too occupied with the beautiful scenery to care about that.