932 Ria Rodriguez

933 Candice Luca

934 Chloe Amour

Shoot Location: Prague, Czech Republic

This video may not be one of our best ever for either content or lighting but the model has a particularly nice look that many will enjoy.

Scene 1

You Luca Nice. 14:18

Candice looks pretty skinny with her clothes on but a very nice form is slowly revealed as she gradually strip off articles of clothing. She looks especially good either bending over or in any position that reveals her underside. The posing is generally slow and elegant with her grey lace panties remaining on almost to the end.

Some Thin in the Nudes. 7:36

With the panties now gone we spend this entire clip just admiring her nude pussy and ass. Her inner pussy lips are especially dark against a naturally tanned complexion and there’s barely a follicle of hair anywhere other than her small landing strip up front.

Candice be Happening? 5:44

Candice’s finger masturbation session starts out quite slowly with her fingers just fiddling with her pussy lips. The view is especially nice when she turns over onto her front with her legs wide open giving you a great view up her ass as the action picks up with some nice squirming and pussy rubbing.

Get in on the Ground Floor. 8:01

The masturbation continues now with a small blue vibrator being used both on the clitoris and inside her pussy. The most interesting views come in the second half when she slides her ass right off the edge of the bed giving the full view of her ass cheeks while she pumps her pussy to a climax.