924 Jasmine Gomez

925 Kira Queen

926 Adriana Sephora

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Scene 1

Corridor Cutie. 13:26

Kira's motions are quite elegant as she moves about in the corridor wearing a very nice fitting white dress. Later the up skirt views are very teasing as the flowing hemline offers some easy access views from the low angles. Her figure is quite stunning when she finally drops the dress with big boobs enhancing her voluptuous curves. Much of the latter half of this clip focuses on her impressive boobs while she fondles them and dangles them in your face.

Meat the Queen. 12:57

With Kira now fully naked her voluptuous curves are beautifully displayed with some low angle views from both the front and rear. She then gets down on her knees and spreads her pussy and ass in your face showing everything in graphic detail. Besides the usual close up views you also get a more distant zoomed in perspective as she crawls down the hallway. There's a lot of very revealing posing lying on the floor with the legs wide open and the pussy often spread. You may also find yourself captivated by her beautiful eyes and admiring the finer details such as her nicely painted nails.

Walk down the Aisle. 4:54

Kira has her dress on again briefly to start this clip as she shows off her best fashion model walk in the corridor. The dress soon comes off and you see her fully naked once again with all the wiggly bits in full motion as she struts back and forth.

Deep in the Russian Front. 12:30

This clip starts with a beautiful bend over pose with Kira's undercarriage fully exposed for close up viewing. After a short while she turns onto her back on the chair and starts masturbating with a big rubber dildo. She spreads her legs so wide that her shoes touch both walls of the corridor with her pussy really well exposed. She also poses with her legs up and together for a short while with her ass bulging prominently as she slowly fucks herself. The action later heats up with some deep dildo penetration though there is no real orgasm here.