923 Lola Foxx

924 Jasmine Gomez

925 Kira Queen

Shoot Location: Palm Springs, California

Scene 1

A Short Tease. 6:26

Jasmine's shorts are certainly nice and stylish and super snug on her curves. Her bend over pose is nice but it gets even better when she lies back on the couch with the crotch of her shorts pulling tight up her pussy lips. You can see the edge of her pussy lips spilling out the side before she actually tugs the crotch aside to reveal her clean shaved pussy.

Smoothing on up. ITC Favorite 7:32

At first glance Jasmine's figure might not look so voluptuous and curvy but when she bends over and you move right on up to admire her crack you realize that she has some amazing assets with the silkiest smooth skin, a beautiful anus and very nicely formed undercarriage. Her bend over poses are spectacular showing an awesome view up her perfect ass. Likewise when she lies on her front with her legs wide open letting you move right up to gaze upon her beautiful rear end.

Lump it all in. ITC Favorite 15:39

Jasmine uses a lumpy vibrating toy and produces a nice little stream of creamy pussy juice as she lies back on the couch with her legs wide open. She soon turns onto her front giving a fantastic view up her ass while she humps her pussy up and down against the toy. She finishes it off squatting leaning back against the couch with her ass hanging in mid air. The action picks up nicely and she gets a beautiful little stream of pussy juice flowing down over her stunningly flawless ass. She spends the last couple of minutes dabbling her fingers in her pussy, digging out her pussy juice and sucking on her fingers.

Check the In Box. ITC Favorite 5:02

Jasmine's speculum scene has especially good lighting illuminating the full depth of her wide open vagina in all positions and distances. Her bend over pose is especially nice with her ass in the air and her wide open vagina gaping at you with a nice little squirmy motion.