925 Kira Queen

926 Adriana Sephora

927 Mira Sunset

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

One Giant Step for Womankind. 13:30

Adriana's strip tease takes place mostly on a giant set of stairs which provides some nice low angle views as you watch from below. The clip progresses from fully dressed posing to up skirt views to open leg posing with the dress pulled up as she stand right over your face with only the thong panties barely hiding the pretty bits. She ends up squatting backwards with her ass hanging off the edge of the stairs as the panties come down briefly to give you a sneak peek at the bare pussy and ass.

Pretty Good Sephora. 10:53

Adriana's panties come off pretty soon and she spends all of this clip posing on the chair with a lot of backwards squatting giving a fantastic view up her undercarriage from below. The pose is pretty awesome with her knees on each arm of the chair getting her legs wide open with her bare pussy and ass hovering in mid air and really well exposed. She also starts rubbing her pussy while still squatting backwards and bending over with a little bit of humping motion mixed in.

Adriana's Wanderful. 7:29

Adriana uses a large and powerful body wand vibrator on her pussy while lying back on the coffee table. The grooming is perhaps not as polished as usual as you can certainly see a lot more stubble and imperfections in the close up views here.

Let's get in Twat. 1:57

Adriana's speculum scene is very nicely lit with some beautiful inside views showing a very tidy vagina in great detail. It's quite brief but certainly high in quality.

Scene 2

Lace of Worship. 11:27

This is a whole other scene shot on a different day complete with strip tease, bottomless posing and masturbation all in one clip. Adriana's motions and positions are really quite slick and effortless characteristic of a professional adult entertainer. She uses just her fingers for the masturbation rubbing her pussy with enthusiasm while sitting on the edge of the bed. The scene ends with a very nice bend over pussy and ass spread. Once again there's quite a lot of raw stubble on her pussy visible in the close up views.