922 Vicki Chase & Breanne Benson

923 Lola Foxx

924 Jasmine Gomez

Shoot Location: Quepos, Costa Rica

Scene 1

Check the Foxx. 11:40

Lola poses in a wide open living room area that seems to bring the outdoors in with huge open windows and even a stream running through it. She soon has her skirt pulled up showing off her silky yellow panties with lots of voluptuous booty wobble as she bends over. She does a very nice job of shaking her ass while squatting over your face. She ends up in just her panties for a while and then she takes them off and stuffs them in her mouth at the end.

Bum Roll Please. 6:26

You see her bare pussy for the first time at the beginning of this clip and it's all laid out in the open for close inspection as she leans back with her legs open. Pretty soon she turns to a kneeling bend over position squatting almost in your face. She does another really sexy ass wobble in the bend over pose and then again while standing up. Assuming you don't mind the small rash on her thigh you will be at least be swimming in lots of beautiful wiggly voluptuous ass.

The Brush-ins are Cumming. 9:39

This clip will be of special interest to those who like long luxurious hair and also masturbation with unusual objects. After brushing her hair for the first couple of minutes Lola then uses the brush as her sex toy while leaning back on the chair. The brush handle fits in her pussy very nicely sinking all the way in with ease. Later while kneeling bending over she does a nice little ass wobble with the brush lodged in her pussy hands free. She ends up leaning back against the chair with her ass hanging in mid air as she speeds up the action and get s a little more juicy.

Cunt Servatives Cum to Power. 7:16

In need of something a lot more powerful Lola now uses a large plug in vibrator. She gets some nice squirming motion going as she comes to a climax with her butt hovering in mid air. There may in fact be two or three orgasms here although they are not particularly obvious.

Walking the Foxx Derrière. 2:12

Lola takes a little stroll out the door and through the jungle path including up and down a number of stairs. It's a brief but nice look at her ample curves in motion including a wiggly close up bum shot as she climbs the stairs.