921 Athina

922 Vicki Chase & Breanne Benson

923 Lola Foxx

Shoot Location: Tulum, Mexico

Scene 1

You Undressed a Mate me. 9:02

Two of our most popular models hook up together both looking ravishing in shiny black dresses. Vicki has no panties on underneath the dress and it's not long before Breanne is exploring her ass. Vicki then gets her turn to undress Breanne and take a look around and admire her ass.

Gob Works in Mischievious Ways. 9:56

There's lots of saliva being dribbled down Breanne's ass crack and pussy lips as she poses bending over with her bare ass in the air. Vicki has got a really long tongue which comes in handy for exploring all the crevasses in Breanne's nether regions. There's parts of this where Vicki's angle of attack from above leaves Breanne's spread pussy well exposed while she lick her anus. Then with Breanne on her back Vicki chows down in her pussy with some stronger sucking action.

Lickuid Assets. 7:30

Breanne returns the favour giving Vicki's pussy and ass some oral attention while she poses in a bend over position. There's some nice ass spreading mixed in with all the pussy and ass licking so you see Vicki's super smooth assets displayed quite nicely.

Bend Over Batwards. 12:07

This clip has one main purpose which is simply to admire and explore two beautiful asses in the bend over and squatting positions. There isn't so much lesbian action but there's lots of excellent close up spread ass views with each girl taking turns to assist the other with spreading her ass and pussy. There's lots of slapping and manual manipulation of asses making the butt cheeks jiggle.

Meat on Common Grind. 7:25

We return to the lesbian action with the not so common tribbing position. The girls take turns between the top and bottom position as they grind the pussies against each other. In spite of the fact that their pussies are stuck to each other we managed to get an angle that shows off the pussy and ass of both girls throughout all of the action.