920 Ria Rodriguez

921 Athina

922 Vicki Chase & Breanne Benson

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Scene 1

The Strong and Silent Type. 15:07

Athina's inexperience shows a little as she sometimes appears a bit unsure of what to do, though we expect this may be part of her charm for some viewers. She starts wearing a light blue bra and panty set and gets naked by the half way point. She has quite a muscular toned figure yet with some nice feminine curves. There's a very nice low angle front side view with her thick pussy lips in the foreground looking up towards her large boobs and face. Her final open leg pose while lying on her back is quite revealing with her thick lips out in the open.

Laid for Work. 10:18

Athina's dildo masturbation scene is quite slow and quiet for a while. The slow dabbling around with the toy shows off her thick pussy lips really nicely with thick folds of feminine flesh twiddling around under the motions of the toy. The action picks up a little in the second half of this as she becomes slightly more vocal and brings it to a moderate climax.

I Though Athina Thervix. 2:57

The interior vagina views in this speculum scene are remarkably crisp with excellent lighting filling the deepest regions of her pussy. The scene is quite brief but has one of the best inside shots of all speculum scenes.