919 April Blue

920 Ria Rodriguez

921 Athina

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

Come Down to my Lace. 16:07

Ria's dress is very unique with about 8 inches of lace on the bottom making it see through in the critical areas. Given that the dress is so short you can quite clearly see her ass cheeks and panties through the dress. She might have the tightest big butt ever and it really bulges as she props it up on the arm of the chair. Then sitting on the chair she pulls her panties away from her pussy and she demonstrates some unusual motion with her clitoris making it pop in and out several times. The dress comes off and you see her posing in only her panties with some beautiful side profiles showing off her incredible booty curves. Her butt jiggles are amazingly tight for such a big ass suggesting she is virtually all muscle and no fat.

Bootyful Chairs. 9:52

With the panties now off Ria uses two chairs as her platform to perform multiple uncomfortable looking yet flattering poses. Her big firm ass is unavoidable and dominates our attention through most of this clip. She spends some time squatting backwards in your face with some very nice pussy spreading making her vagina gape open.

Rub a Nub. 9:15

Now lying back on the couch Ria uses just her fingers to stimulate her pussy with special attention to her clitoris and some occasional finger insertion. Her clitoris is quite prominent as she runs circles around it with just one finger making it stand up at attention. Half way through she turns her ass off the edge of the couch letting her pretty bits hang in mid air while she continues fiddling with her pussy. Most of the clip has just light fiddling type of action but she starts rubbing her pussy with more enthusiasm towards the end and her vagina even hangs open a little bit as the action comes to a climax.

Look at the Hole Picture. ITC Favorite 4:16

Ria remains in a squatting position leaning back against the couch and she spreads her pussy wide open with her ass dangling in mid air. These are some really nice pussy spreads with her fingers pulled well back out of the way and her vagina gaping well open showing off the puffy features of her insides. Half way through she slide up farther onto the couch lying on her back with her legs in the air achieving perhaps an even more impressive pussy spread.