918 Gina Devine

919 April Blue

920 Ria Rodriguez

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

Sexy Web Sight. 19:34

April's web patterned top never comes off through this entire video and yet it doesn't hide anything either with her boobs clearly seen right through it. She spends most of the time rolling around on the bed, first with some nice bend over panty tease and then bottomless. There's also quite a bit of posing in front of a large mirror both with and without the skirt and panties giving the front and rear views simultaneously. In the latter half she has a few more lighthearted moments as she jiggles her assets around both top and bottom. The most striking things about April are the crazy beautiful eyes, the incredibly thick mane of hair and her sleek shapely figure, especially in the standing front and side views.

April Fulls Day. 8:01

After a couple of quick positions April settles with her ass hanging off the edge of the bed giving a great view of her underside while she fucks her pussy with a clear rubber dildo. It's pretty clear when she takes the dildo out that she's quite creamy inside her vagina.

Scene 2

April Showers. 1:03

You see April outside on the balcony holding an umbrella on a rainy day as she squats down to pee on the balcony. It is certainly very brief and not very explicit though you may find the setting and ambiance of more interest than the pee this time.