917 Leilani Leeane

918 Gina Devine

919 April Blue

Shoot Location: Tulum, Mexico

Scene 1

Watch it Bluster. 8:03

The bright yellow hammock is Gina's prop literally throughout this entire video. She spends lots of time swinging on it, tugging on it and generally looking pretty suave doing so. You would have to say she's got the moves of a professional model. The audio has the constant ambiance of the wind and ocean on a breezy seaside day.

On the Up Swing. 10:39

With Gina now completely naked she continues swinging on the hammock and showing off her naked body. For quite a long time she sits on the hammock with her bare pussy and ass hanging out in space right on top of your face. It's a fantastic graphic view from the best perspective looking straight up her pretty bits with everything spread open. You also get an interesting low angle view as she swings back and forth with her butt coming straight at you. In the latter half you see her lying on her side on the hammock with her spread ass hanging out beautifully off the edge of the hammock. You'd have to admire her balancing act as she balances on her side on the thin edge of the hammock spreading her legs and allowing a great close up view of her pussy.

I Flossed that Loving Feeling. ITC Favorite 5:26

Gina now straddles the hammock and flosses her pussy with the entire hammock while standing and gyrating her ass around. She soon gets down on her knees bending over with the hammock still between her legs. Her humping motion is very sexy and she gives a great spread ass view. This clip could qualify as something unique and a great use of a prop. She really knows how to pose with imagination and poise.

Yellow Fever. 4:47

Gina uses a matching yellow rubber dildo to masturbate while leaning back against the hammock. Her positions is really excellent with her ass hovering literally out in mid air allowing for some excellent views.

The Devine Pries. 4:52

Now that she is done with the toy Gina remains in the same position with her butt hovering in mid air as she uses her fingers to spread her pussy wide open. She doesn't quite gape but you can definitely see all of the guts of her open vagina. The scene ends with a very interesting full body view with Gina swinging back and forth while still leaning back against the hammock with her butt hanging in the air.