914 Angel Snow

915 Niki Lee Young

916 Abby Cross

Shoot Location: Dominical, Costa Rica

Scene 1

Costa Living. 7:26

This large tropical living space is beautifully enhanced with the vision of Niki in her form fitting green dress. There's not a lot of nudity yet but plenty of elegant posing and boobs and butt hanging out with her small thong hiding the bare minimum.

Hole Lee Shrine. ITC Favorite 13:21

With all of her clothes now off Niki shows off her private parts with some pretty extreme graphic nudity. There's lots of spreading with her huge gaping vagina sopping wet with creamy pussy juices. In the first half she spends most of the time either bending over or squatting in your face with two hands holding her pussy open. Later she turns onto her back with her legs spread in the air while still gaping her pussy wide open. In the last several minutes she turns onto her front and she gets an awesome pussy spread with her two hands behind prying the vagina wide open and her ass thrust up into your face.

Cum Young Cum All. ITC Favorite 6:46

Niki's dildo masturbation scene starts with her lying on her back with the legs in the air. She continually pulls the dildo all the way out of her pussy showing her open vagina between every stroke. In the second half she hangs her ass off the edge of the couch continuing with more insertion action. You can see some big gobs of creamy pussy juice literally falling out of her pussy with the assistance of gravity in this position. Finally she just rubs the dildo on her clitoris and things get very noisy and wet as she comes to a great squirting orgasm.

Behind the Screams. 0:55

This clip breaks from the usual ITC formula with multiple film crew voices off camera in a behind the scenes type of outtake. We capture Niki's reactions after having a great squirting orgasm.

A Hole in Young. 7:35

Niki's speculum scene shows her posing in a few different positions but the bend over pose on all fours really shows off her open vagina the best with excellent light filling her vagina even in the more distant shots. Later we see her lying back with the speculum in sideways giving a different perspective on other areas of her vagina.