915 Niki Lee Young

916 Abby Cross

917 Leilani Leeane

Shoot Location: Palm Springs, California

Scene 1

Panty Peeper. ITC Favorite 16:35

This is a great video for those who appreciate nice curves, beautiful legs and sneaky panty views. Abby's sitting position lets you see up her dress even while her knees are together showing a very enticing glimpse of her panties. She spends some time lying on her back with her legs in the air lightly brushing them against each other. This position as viewed from the front (with her head towards the camera) beautifully displays her amazingly shapely legs and well rounded hips with her panties peeking out from inside the dress. She also spends quite a lot of time lying on her side and front giving some fantastic views of her ass with the butt cheeks spilling out the bottom of her dress. She takes her dress off with a couple of minutes remaining leaving time to just gaze upon her panties with her butt slowly squirming around in front of your face. This entire clip is one long and relentless tease with many amazing panty views and gorgeous curves oozing out of her tight red dress.

It Curves you Right. 10:01

Abby's panties remain on for a little while as she lies on her front showing off her amazing ass with some very sexy squirming. She soon lowers her panties just enough to see her pussy and ass crack while still lying on her front. Then lying on her back she shows off her big wide ass curves with her knees pulled up the her chest and her butt bulging in your face. The clip ends with several minutes of Abby squatting on top of your face with her bare butt hovering directly over top of you.

Crawl a Cross. 4:36

Abby uses the really long couch as her runway to show off her curves in a crawling motion as she repeatedly crawls all the way to the far side of the room and back.

Cooter Pewter. 7:55

Abby uses a pewter dildo in this masturbation scene with plenty of creamy vagina goo caked on it and a nice little stream flowing down over her ass cheek. Her position lying on her side with one leg raised is quite revealing with all her pretty bits well exposed. After she is done with the toy she hugs her knees once again showing her beautiful big butt curves bulging in your face.