913 Megan Salinas

914 Angel Snow

915 Niki Lee Young

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Scene 1

Flossty the Snow Ma'am. 14:02

After some initial elegant posing Angel gets on the bed and spends some time flossing her pussy lips with her panties. She gets her panties wedged so far up her pussy that they disappear between her lips. The scene continues with a little bit of panty teasing and some occasional peeks at her bare ass crack before she finally takes her panties off.

The Gold 'n Gape Ridge. 7:37

This is all nude posing with a fair amount of pussy spreading. Her pussy is super clean, almost featureless on the outside with a big gaping cavern in the middle. The first part has her lying on her back with her legs in the air and then she turns onto her front for a short while. Finally you get the underside view as she squats over your face and spreads everything open.

Snow Fucking Way. 7:13

Angel uses a rather long purple rubber dildo while leaning back on the bed. She spends virtually all of this clip with her ass propped up on the footer of the bed giving you a great view of all of her ass and pussy without her ass sinking into the bed.