912 Sara Luvv

913 Megan Salinas

914 Angel Snow

Shoot Location: Palm Springs, California

Scene 1

Salacious Oasis. 10:57

We spend an inordinate amount of time focusing on everything from the chest up with Megan because that is where her best assets lie. Her bikini top comes off early on and you may soon be convinced that she has the nicest boobs on the site. You cannot hope to see more flawless and well formed boobs than these. We do tear our gaze away from her boobs later on to admire her bare pussy and ass as she bends over on her knees with sunlight filling her ass crack. Besides having the best boobs she also has an incredibly luxurious mane of hair that she often tosses around as she changes position.

Wet Nice Tits you have. ITC Favorite 8:05

Megan cools off from the hot desert sun by pouring multiple buckets of water all over her body. Once again we fixate on her incredible boobs for most of this. The glistening streams and reflected light look amazing on her big beautiful boobs.

Megan Out. 3:38

Megan now leans back in the reclining deck chair and quickly pours a bucket of water over her pussy before getting busy with a little bit of finger masturbation. You'll notice a little stream of light pussy juice flowing out of her vagina as she starts rubbing her pussy. The pussy rubbing action doesn't last very long at all as she seems to climax almost right away.

Pool Revere. 10:56

Megan poses in the shallow water on the steps of the pool for several minutes before getting onto a floating mattress in the pool. You get an excellent up the butt view as she floats around lying on her front on the floating mattress. There's nothing particularly graphic about this though it will be of interest to those who like the softer content.

Jump to a Conclusion. 1:57

Megan seemed inspired to jump off the roof of the house into the pool so we of course filmed it. Thankfully this did not turn out to be a viral fail video.