907 Cayenne Klein

908 Ria Rodriguez

909 Jamie Jackson

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

Monkey 'n a Round. ITC Favorite 19:49

Few girls can fill out a pair of jean shorts like Ria can showing plenty of spillage with her ass cheeks hanging out the bottom. She's a bit like a monkey at times as she climbs around in the rafters of the thatched roof. Then leaning back in the chair with her legs up you can practically see her pussy lips bulging through with her tight cameltoe showing. She spends some time with her big butt cheeks propped up on the back of the chair showing her bulging booty on a shelf. The shorts come off half way through to show her very nice fitting polka dot panties. There's some amazing butt teasing both with the shorts and with the panties displaying one of the most voluptuous butts on the site. There's about 2 minutes of bottomless nudity at the end of this clip.

Go Down to Ria. 6:52

Ria poses fully nude on top of the outdoor dinning table for some detailed pussy and ass ogling. She does some really excellent pussy spreading with the details of her vagina well exposed to the light. Her pose lying on her side is really nice with her amazing curves bulging prominently. There's one brief less professional moment left in this footage as it seems to add some character.

Fuckin' Ice Hole. 12:29

Ria uses a popsicle shaped dildo in this masturbation scene while lying on top of the table. There's a substantial segment of hands free posing with her ass in the air and the toy sticking out of her pussy like a flag pole waving around. Much of the action is quite slow but with some very nice penetration views showing her thick lips wrapped around the toy. Later she speeds it up with some more enthusiastic pussy pumping action. After she is done with the toy she spreads her pussy very nicely with her soaking wet vagina glistening in the light.

My Wetting Day. 6:19

Ria gets in the pool with light rain drops landing in the pool all around. The edge of the jacuzzi becomes her platform to show off her bubble butt with various poses lying on her front and bending over. It's not all overly graphic but shows her incredible curves with some nice posture and plenty of ass sticking out behind her.