906 Katia de Lys

907 Cayenne Klein

908 Ria Rodriguez

Shoot Location: Venturina, Italy

Scene 1

I'm Seeing a Pattern Here. 11:14

Cayenne poses against the very busy background of an old castle interior wearing her jean shorts and a see through lace top. The shorts come off with several minutes remaining leaving enough time to get a good look at her thong panties with her slender yet curvy ass squirming around at close viewing distance. Her poses lying on her front are especially nice with her cute little butt projecting out very nicely.

Holed World Charm. 12:13

Cayenne's panties come off almost right away and she spends this entire clip showing off her bare pussy and ass with lots of excellent spreading. The pretty bits are definitely well exposed throughout with her undercarriage thrust out in the open and her hands frequently prying the pussy wide open.

Cayenne Poker. 12:07

Cayenne uses a really big floppy rubber dildo in this masturbation scene. It seems to go inside her with relative ease and she starts with some slow pumping action while lying back with her legs up in the air. Later she slides her ass right off the edge of the couch and starts pumping her pussy with more enthusiasm. There's a few nice little streams of pussy juice flowing down her ass crack from time to time, especially when she takes the dildo out of her pussy. The clip ends with some really nice finger dabbling in her dripping wet vagina.

Clean Klein Clam. 2:43

Cayenne's vagina is really quite clean and tidy and is well displayed in this speculum scene with excellent lighting in the close up inside views. The view remains on the close up as she pulls the speculum out of her vagina showing the walls folding in behind the speculum as it comes out.