908 Ria Rodriguez

909 Jamie Jackson

910 Vicki Chase

Shoot Location: Palm Springs, California

This set was shot in 40+ C (100+ F) weather in the desert sun resulting in plenty of hot sweatiness visible towards the end.

Scene 1

Hot 'n Heavy. 12:50

New model Jamie with be of special interest to those who like the girl next door look with her nice soft body overflowing with voluptuous curves both top and bottom. The set is really nice and colorful with vibrant colors in the various props around and in her floral bikini and with a brilliant blue sky above. Her bikini comes off half way through this strip tease clip leaving plenty of time to admire her bare feminine bits. Her bend over pose is especially nice with amazing curves in the air framed against the deep blue sky. She does some really explicit pussy spreading near the end and though it’s brief she does get a pretty substantial wide open gape with all the bits out in the open.

Feeling Floated. 15:02

Jamie gets in the pool to cool off and show off her big butt curves floating around in the water. After posing at the waters edge for a while she gets up on a floating rubber mattress. You get some pretty awesome butt views as she putts around the pool floating on her front. You even get right in the pool with her, often gazing straight up her butt as she floats around with water lapping up between her legs.

She's in Heat. 5:22

Now lying on the ottoman at poolside Jamie gets busy with some masturbation using just her fingers. Certainly her best position has her lying on her front giving an excellent view up her squirming ass as she humps her fingers and rubs her lips with enthusiasm.

Jam it Jackson. 6:19

Now lying on her side Jamie greases up her ass hole with some oily finger dabbling in her ass. After some bend over posing she ends up once again lying on her front in an excellent position to view up her voluptuous ass as she continues poking herself up the butt.