903 Betty

904 Breanne Benson

905 Gulliana Alexis

Shoot Location: Russell, New Zealand

Scene 1

Gather Round. ITC Favorite 15:30

Breanne's form fitting white dress shows quite a bit but it's nothing compared to her beautiful little panties that have only a string going through her ass crack and barely cover her pussy lips. The poses bending over and lying on her side and on her back with the knees up really pop out her amazing curves with the panties enhancing the view covering the bare minimum. The panties come off with a couple of minutes remaining as she lies on her back with the knees pulled up and together showing an amazingly curvy undercarriage.

Pretty Pre Dick Table. 10:13

This is all bottomless nudity with lots of pussy and ass gazing as Breanne poses on top of the table with her dress still on but pulled up around her waist. She spends some time squatting crab walk style with her bare ass hanging in mid air and squirming around in front of your face. She then poses lying on her front with her legs wide open and spreading her girlie parts from behind. The last few minutes show her standing in full body view as she removes the dress and then just poses fully nude. There's a nice underside view to end the clip with Breanne standing virtually over your face.

Chairly Scene. 7:12

A completely see through acrylic chair provides some very interesting and naughty views of Breanne as she sits on the chair both forwards and backwards. The higher angle views show some beautiful curves in her posture while the underside views show what a pussy and ass look like while sitting on a hard surface. She also scoots her ass back off the edge of the chair letting her ass hover in mid air giving another interesting underside view. Towards the end she also squishes her boobs against the back of the chair.

Juicy what she's doing? 13:38

Breanne uses a big purple rubber dildo while leaning back in a chair. Part way through she props herself up high in the chair with her feet on the airs of the chair so that her ass hovers in mid air. In the latter half she has a similar pose but with her feet on the floor with her ass hovering off the edge of the chair. There's plenty of creamy goo dripping from her pussy throughout much of this clip. The last minute shows her sitting right on the floor and squirming her ass around in her puddle of pussy juice. Technical note: Those watching this on a TV screen will get a pretty freaky and distracting moire effect on the chair pattern.

Scene 2

How do you like my Tush Tickles? 13:19

Breanne is joined by Cassie Laine in this scene in the bedroom. Cassie uses her fingernails and a feather to stimulate Breanne with a little bit of tickling. The mood is quite serene at times with the sound of small waves and cicadas coming from the open door and then quite playful at other times with giggling and twitching as Breanne reacts to the light touch. We spend quite a bit of time focusing on Breanne's ass crack as Cassie dabbles a feather up and down her crack. In the second half Breanne poses bending over with Cassie running her fingernails all over her ass.