904 Breanne Benson

905 Gulliana Alexis

906 Katia de Lys

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Highly Waisted. 13:47

Gulliana's bright red shorts are really something special with the high waist accentuating her figure beautifully. She keeps her shorts on for quite a long time owing to the fact that she looks amazing in them. She certainly knows how to sway her ass around for maximum effect bringing her curves alive. The shorts come off with three minutes remaining leaving just enough time to admire her black polka dot panties before they come off.

Bitch in Kitchen. 8:18

Gulliana's panties come down right away making way for non stop pussy and ass ogling through most of this clip. Her skin has a few blemishes but you'll have a hard time finding a more beautiful form as she has a very shapely undercarriage.

Kitchen a Buzz. 8:00

Now lying back on the counter top Gulliana uses a big black vibrator on her pussy to bring on an orgasm. You can see her anus twitching as she reacts to the vibrations. Her shapely underside is very nicely displayed on the hard counter top surface with all her pretty bits well exposed.

Snotty or Nice? 4:52

Gulliana's speculum scene shows a pretty snotty vagina with lots of creamy goo stuck to her cervix. Her bend over pose is really good with her gaping vagina high in the air in a very revealing position. The ass up pose makes her vagina open up even more with the assistance of gravity.