902 Vicki Chase

903 Betty

904 Breanne Benson

Shoot Location: Venturina, Italy

Scene 1

The Orange and all Sin. 24:40

Betty's strip tease footage is quite extensive with her nice fitting orange dress and white panties playing prominently at first. Her wide ass curves are nicely enhanced as she poses with her knees together both lying back and also bending over on her knees. She is completely bottomless for the second half of this clip with her dress pulled up and the panties gone leaving lots of time to just soak in the pussy and ass views. Her pose lying on her side is quite stunning with her big wide ass curves bulging in your face. She then opens her legs while still lying on her side and spreads her pussy giving a very explicit close up view of her feminine places.

Dreamin' in Green. 6:17

With the dress now off Betty poses completely naked on the couch. Once again she strikes a beautiful pose lying on her side with her big ass held open and wide curves bulging in your face. She also bends over and squats with her spread ass virtually sitting in your face.

Take it Betty Betty Slow. 14:54

Betty's dildo masturbation scene starts pretty slowly with some quiet dildo dabbling in her moist pussy. In the second half she hangs her ass right off the edge of the chair giving a very nice view of her butt while she continues to slowly fuck her pussy. She gradually starts a slow squirming motion and starts to pick up the pace with the dildo. There may or may not be any real orgasm with this but she does cream up a little bit at the end.

Scene 2

You Stroll my Heart. 8:04

With her dress back on Betty now goes outdoors for a little walk around on a very large balcony. The short hemline beautifully shows of her legs in motions as she walks around. The dress stays on through most of this scene but you also see her walking around naked in the last couple of minutes.