901 Jasmine Wolff

902 Vicki Chase

903 Betty

Shoot Location: Tulum, Mexico

Scene 1

Mayan your Way. 16:28

This video starts with a little bit of outdoor rooftop posing before she heads indoors to strip off. Vicki looks ravishing as ever in her form fitting dress and showing off her beautiful shapely legs in motion as she strolls around. Then indoors we focus on her lacy panties for quite a while as she squirms her ass around in front of your face. In the last several minutes you get a real eye popping introduction to her bare naked pussy and ass with her panties pulled down around her thighs combined with some amazing bend over pussy and ass spreading. This is certainly some of the best bend over posing on the site with one of the smoothest and prettiest undersides fully exposed in graphic detail.

Smooth Right on Up. ITC Favorite 14:09

With the panties now gone Vicki just shows off her immaculate pussy and ass through the duration of this clip beginning with a great pose lying back with her legs up and together. She soon turns onto her front and gives you some awesome views up her silky smooth ass for a long time. We get the camera right up in her ass crack so you can immerse yourself in her immaculate canyon and soak in her spectacular anus. In the last few minutes you see her squatting backwards with her ass hovering off the edge of the bed giving you an awesome view up her pussy and ass from underneath.

I Could Goo for a Dink right now. ITC Favorite 14:28

Vicki's dildo masturbation scene is off the charts with dripping pussy juice and gooey goodness. Her position lying back with her ass hanging off the edge of the bed gives you a perfect view up her ass with creamy goo gathering and running down her flawless smooth ass cheeks. Half way through she switches to a small silver vibrator and then later uses both toys at the same time. There's several moments of climax in this scene, possibly with a few genuine orgasms involved as well.

Go into Cunt Actions. 8:45

Vicki's speculum scene shows some excellent inside views with some considerable vaginal muscle motion involved. Her inside features are just about as flawless as her external features with everything all glistening pink a clean. Her bend over pose is especially nice with her gaping vagina thrust high in the air. Finally she poses with the speculum placed inside her vagina turned sideways to reveal her upper and lower vagina walls.