900 Ria Rodriguez

901 Jasmine Wolff

902 Vicki Chase

Shoot Location: Palm Springs, California

Scene 1

Wolff in Cheap Clothing. 10:03

The first views of Jasmine are quite tame but when she lifts her dress up you get a real eye popping look up her beautiful ass with just a panty thong in her ass crack. We take our time to thoroughly ogle her butt before she takes off the dress and again after the dress comes off. Her butt jiggles are tight and subtle as she bounces her butt both with and without hands. Most of this clip is shot from a low angle with views from the front and the rear although we focus on the rear through the great majority of this. Her panties don't come off until the very end although there is a nice bare ass crack view as she pulls her panties aside.

Understudy for the Part. 11:47

Jasmine goes behind the decorative lattice wall teasing you with views of her bare pussy and ass through the openings in the wall. This lasts for the first 3 minutes of this clip and then she comes in front of the wall to show off her naked pussy and ass unimpeded. She soon moves to a chair in front of the table and presents some very nice poses in bend over and squatting positions. She has a really beautiful shape in her underside and it is very nicely displayed here with subtle jiggles and very revealing poses. You get a major eyeful of pussy and ass when she straddles between two chairs squatting directly over your face with her legs wide open and all the girlie bits spread open to the maximum.

Peter in the Wolff. ITC Favorite 10:30

Jasmine's shapely underside is beautifully displayed as she lies back on the table top fucking her pussy with a clear rubber dildo. The penetration action is quite fantastic with deep thrusting and slimy girl goo all gathering around her vagina and running down her ass cheeks. In the latter half she squats between two chairs facing forwards with her ass hanging in mid air as she continues to fuck herself. Some of the best content comes after she is done with the toy as she fingers her pussy and scoops her cum out and licks her finger.

The Toy that Pried Wolff. 4:40

Jasmine's speculum scene shows off her immaculately clean vagina with some excellent close up views. A close inspection reveals an additional novelty with her IUD strings hanging out of her cervix opening.