899 Adriana Chechik

900 Ria Rodriguez

901 Jasmine Wolff

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Scene 1

Gypsy Junk. 14:13

Ria's dress is both bright and tight with snug fabric hugging the curves nicely around her shapely hips and butt. It's not too long before she gets her dress hiked up to show off her muscular butt cheeks with just a thong panty hiding the depths of her ass crack. Soon after she pulls her panties to the side to show off all of her private places with everything spread open. The latter half is all nude posing with lots of ass worship and explicit bend over spreading. With two hands wrapped behind her ass her vagina opens up very nicely showing a quite impressive gape.

Looks like Humpin's Cumming. 4:19

While remaining in the bend over position Ria starts rubbing her pussy and moving her ass up and down in a quite enticing humping motion with her big butt cheeks flapping in the air. The position gives an excellent view up her ass throughout with lots of exciting action going on at the same time.

Open Ria Wide. 7:14

Ria's speculum scene shows her cervix pushing outwards quite prominently inside the speculum. There's also some pretty strong vaginal muscle flexing as she clenches down in the speculum. At some points it almost seems like she could thrust the speculum out using her vagina muscles alone. You see her using the speculum in both the vertical and horizontal orientations. In the middle and end of the clip she does some extra pussy spreading using just her fingers.

Anal Lot to See. 8:53

Ria starts her anal scene bending over with just one finger digging deep up her anus and then she progresses to a larger toy for a more penetrating anal experience. The lubrication looks awesome running down over her pussy lips and dropping off the tip of her clitoris. She then moves to a position lying on her side and continues fucking herself in the ass with the toy. The position really gets her ass and pussy out in the open with beautiful curves bulging in your face. At the climax of the action she starts rubbing her pussy at the same time as she fucks her ass. After she is done with the toy there is some fantastic ass spreading and a little more finger dabbling in her ass hole all while still lying on her side with her big ass bulging prominently in your face.